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Jan 29, 2003


Virginian-Pilot, The (Norfolk, VA)

In DUI cases, MADD is

there when you need it

The Jan. 20 letter, “System is watering down drunken-driving cases,” asks: “Where is MADD on this issue?”

When I was interviewed for TV about the drunken driver who killed my daughter, the man whose latest DUI conviction was treated as a first offense, I mentioned MADD to both TV stations. The focus of what happened in his case was poor record-keeping by law enforcers.

It’s important for people to know that MADD was walking beside me all the way. Marilyn Jackson, the MADD advocate on the Peninsula, was extremely helpful in getting me information from the deputy commonwealth’s attorney. Mike Goodove, president of Southside MADD, told me where and how to begin to pursue my “find.” He was also in court with us during Shawn Teehan’s trial on Jan. 6, and he was with us when Teehan was sentenced in September 1997.

It’s important to me for the public to know that MADD is there when you need it. The members quietly stay with you and lend support in ways people wouldn’t understand unless they personally experienced a death by a drunken driver. I owe Marilyn and Mike. The only way I know to repay them is to get involved when the next victim of a drunken driver needs support, and I plan to do just that.

Linda Kaye Walsh

Virginia Beach

More liberal (tax) lies

and misconceptions

I was not surprised to read the Jan. 18 letters from Michael McGowan and Terry Flynn arguing against the tax cuts. Their arguments are the same mantra always used by the liberal left.

First, Mr. McGowan expects those who have wealth to be their “brother’s keeper.” He states that the tax system is not meant to be fair; it is meant to be just.

How can something be both unfair and just? If the rich are supposed to pay their “fair share,” then why does he want them to pay a higher percentage of the taxes than he does? Where in the Constitution is there a provision for seizing money from one group of people to pay the burdens of another?

As to Mr. Flynn’s argument that the tax cut is exploding the deficit and taking from Social Security: Stop government spending. The Bush administration came up with several ways to cut the budget, but the Democrats opposed them.

His comment about the Republicans causing class warfare is pure liberal dogma. Bush is simply allowing people to keep more of the money they’ve earned. The last Democrat to understand this was John Kennedy. The Democrats could use another leader like him.

Kayla Midgette


Vive le Rumsfeld

Three cheers to Don Rumsfeld for his blunt remarks about France and Germany (front page, Jan. 24). I am tired of the constant carping by those living off distant memories of faded glory.

Someone needs to send the French a history book to remind them that they’ve been essentially irrelevant on the world stage since 1815.

Jerry Post

Virginia Beach

Clarence Thomas accusers

now champion Judge Askew

Gosh, you just gotta love the deja vu surrounding the case of Judge Askew. Sen. Louise Lucas calls this a “lynching.” Hmmmm, now where have I heard or read those words before? Oh yeah, in a case that involved another black judge as well. Yes, none other than the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Funny, isn’t it? The very same types (Democrats) who accused Thomas of similar (actually, worse) behavior are now the ones defending Judge Askew. I marvel at their hypocrisy.

Thomas was pronounced the epitome of evil because he mentioned the name of a (male) porno actor to Saint Anita Hill. But in Judge Askew’s case, we have a cash settlement involved, paid to Judge Askew’s accuser. Now why would a settlement be made if there wasn’t merit to the charges? It just doesn’t add up. Ask Vance Wilkins about that.

Sexual harrassment is supposed to be against the law. Are these laws intended only for heterosexuals? Are they intended only for those in this land who are not black? No, they are supposed to apply to everybody, judges included.

So let’s stop the nonsense that she’s being persecuted because of her race and/or preferences.

Doug Pauly


Not a political decision

How can state Sen. Louise Lucas complain that “Trent Lott disease has crossed the Potomac” while organizations like the United Negro College Fund and Miss Black America exist?

The removal of Newport News Circuit Judge Verbena Askew (front page, Jan. 23) was based on performance, not politics. If Lucas thinks it was politics, maybe more blacks should become Republicans to help with the balance of power.

I would hate to think that all of America has become a one-way street.

George J. McCullough

Virginia Beach

Yo! Studying hip-hop

is relevant, not hogwash

Re Michelle Malkin’s column “Hip-hop hogwash in the schools” (op-ed, Jan. 17):

Hip-hop is a form of art/talent, so to refer it to as “hogwash” is a mockery of the fine arts we enjoy today. Ms. Malkin may have immersed herself in the creative genius of Shakespeare, Melville and Hawthorne, but plenty of people cannot because of their skin color. Who should their heroes be?

The new generation is pushing envelopes. If Fat Albert can talk about AIDS, racism and drug use, then, yes, he’s an equal to Prince Hamlet. Today’s issues are the equal of yesterday’s philosophies.

If the late Tupac and Biggie Smalls or any other hip-hop/rap artist did a song about the Middle Passage, how many teachers are going to understand? They don’t expose that much African-American history in their American history classes.

Trying to work out issues is positive. If it’s in the street tongue, does that make it wrong? When you break down the lyrics, you can find the meaning behind it. That’s realism, not a false art of “feelin’ it” and “keepin’ it real.”

Thaddeus T. Wright

Virginia Beach

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